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6. promowear garments, t-shirts, fleeces, wovens, rainware
7. promowear garments, t-shirts etc., europe
8. promowear garments, t-shirts etc., germany
9. promowear garments, t-shirts etc., u.k.
10. promowear garments, t-shirts etc., italy
11. promowear garments, t-shirts etc., north america
12. headwear, hats, caps,
13. headwear, hats, caps europe
14. headwear, hats, caps far east
15. umbrellas, beach umbrellas
16. umbrellas, beach umbrellas far east
17. working and safety garments, workwear, retroreflective equip't
18. ties, scarves, silk, polyester
caps and hats

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  Codello Lifestyle-Accessories GmbH Codello Lifestyle-Accessories GmbH
D-82229  Seefeld  Germany    Phone +49.8152.9903-0 
  Topkapi Tessuti srl Topkapi Tessuti srl
I-22079  Villa Guardia  Italy    Phone 031.471-768 
  Attex spa Attex spa
I-22070  Luisago  Italy    Phone 031.88321 
  Chieh Wei Intl Necktie Co Ltd Chieh Wei Intl Necktie Co Ltd
  Kaohsiung Hsien  Taiwan    Phone +886.07.3490656 
  Vanessa Vanessa
I-20121  Milano  Italy    Phone 02.29002492 
  Pianezza Paolo srl Pianezza Paolo srl
I-21030  Azzio  Italy    Phone 0332.630-527 
  Achille Pinto spa Achille Pinto spa
I-22070  Casnate  Italy    Phone 031.398611 
  Altea Altea
I-20123  Milano  Italy    Phone 02.48011904 
  F.lli Piacenza S.p.a. F.lli Piacenza S.p.a.
I-13814  Pollone  Italy    Phone 015.619-1733 
 10  Esse srl divisione Diva Esse srl divisione Diva
I-28047  Oleggio  Italy    Phone 0321.922300 

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