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Gift and promotional items


Digital and traditional printing

Marketing and Advertising & gift importers and distributors

Useful categories

Available subcategories
1. paper & cartoon gifts, posters, handkerchieves
2. re-stick notes, memo, memo holders, sticky note pad
3. stationery sets, desk sets, accessories
4. organizers, diaries, calendars, portfolios
5. pp, plt, pvc, document & meeting folders
6. boxes, gift boxes, paper or plastic
7. stationery suppliers, miscellaneous, office, stamps
8. shopping bags, paper, plastic, pp, pe, tnt
9. world globes, maps, holiday/all occasion cards
10. frames, photo frames, photo album
11. pens, pencils, markers europe
12. pens, pencils, markers italy
13. pens, pencils, markers germany
14. pens, pencils, markers far east
15. pens, pencils, markers americas

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  Senator GmbH & Co. KGaA Senator GmbH & Co. KGaA
D-64401  Gross Bieberau  Germany    Phone +49.6162 801-0 
  C.Josef Lamy GmbH C.Josef Lamy GmbH
D-69111  Heidelberg  Germany    Phone +49.6221.8430 
  Edding International GmbH Edding International GmbH
D-22926  Ahrensburg  Germany    Phone +49.4102.8080 
  Uma Schreibgerate Ullmann GmbH Uma Schreibgerate Ullmann GmbH
D-77716  Fischerbach  Germany    Phone +49.7832.707-0 
  Karl Meisenbach KG Karl Meisenbach KG
D-64405  Fischbachtal  Germany    Phone +49.61.6693050 
  Reidinger GmbH Reidinger GmbH
D-97762  Hammelburg  Germany    Phone +49.9732-905-0 
  Ritter Pen GmbH Ritter Pen GmbH
D-64395  Brensbach  Germany    Phone +49.6161.808-0 
  Faber-Castell Aktiengesellschaft Faber-Castell Aktiengesellschaft
D-90546  Stein  Germany    Phone +49.911.99650 
  Klio eterna Schreibgerate GmbH + Co KG Klio eterna Schreibgerate GmbH + Co KG
D-77706  Wolfach  Germany    Phone 07834.9 73-0 
 10  e+m Holzprodukte GmbH e+m Holzprodukte GmbH
D-92318  Neumark  Germany    Phone +49.91 81 - 29 75 75 

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