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Gift and promotional items


Digital and traditional printing

Marketing and Advertising & gift importers and distributors

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Available subcategories
1. airballons, large inflatables, tents, marquees, moving vans
2. airballons, large inflatables, on the road, tents etc europe
3. signs, raw material, panels, polystyrene, acrylic
4. desk displays, racks, show cases, europe
5. desk displays, racks, show cases, italy
6. desk displays, racks, show cases, americas
7. desk displays, racks etc. africa, middle east, asia, australasia
8. lights, neon lights, lasers, special effects, leds, led displays
9. pop, pos, popm, in-store, info points, kiosks, field mkt
10. store fixtures , shop fittings, mannequins, forms
11. pop, up and modular displays, roll-up banners,
12. pop, up and modular displays, roll-up banners europe
13. pop, up and modular displays, roll-up banners americas
14. flags, pennants, banners

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 11  Camax Ds srl Camax Ds srl
I-20060  Cassina de'Pecchi  Italy    Phone 02.9544951 
 12  C.m.l. srl C.m.l. srl
I-20043  Arcore  Italy    Phone 039.617708 
 13  D&D Display & Design D&D Display & Design
I-42015  Correggio  Italy    Phone 0522.641-943 
 14  Espo & Cartotec Espo & Cartotec
I-41031  Camposanto  Italy    Phone 0535-761711 
 15  Marenga Vetrine srl Marenga Vetrine srl
I-25126  Brescia  Italy    Phone 030.401-90 
 16  Visual Display Visual Display
I-33100  Udine  Italy    Phone 0432.600-331 
 17  Espositori Bonomi snc Espositori Bonomi snc
I-10153  Torino  Italy    Phone 011-8177707 
 18  Prisma srl Prisma srl
I-26845  Codogno  Italy    Phone 0377-435019 
 19  Ovag Italia srl Ovag Italia srl
I-31020  Refrontolo  Italy    Phone 0438-841627 
 20  Pecotime srl Pecotime srl
I-20047  Brugherio  Italy    Phone 039.882677 

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