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Useful categories

Available subcategories
1. porcelain, ceramic, terracotta tableware & houseware
2. plastic & metal kitchenware & kitchen tools, appliances
3. inox & aluminum, cookware, utensils, trays, tumblers
4. copper, pewter, brass, pond, gifts & houseware
5. household products, tools, scales, auxiliary furniture
6. marble, alabaster small items
7. metal wire, mesh, wickerwork
8. glass, crystal, dinnerware & houseware, glasses
9. wholesalers, dinnerware and tableware
10. melamineware, plasticware, acrylic craftworks
11. tableware: inox & metal cutlery, flatware, cutlers
12. plastic & silicon, moulds, small items, containers
13. cleaning tools, paper items, food disposable items
14. importers, household products, stationary
15. silver, silverplate, dinnerware, houseware, hotels & home
16. glass, crystal, dinnerware & houseware, glasses
17. glass, crystal, dinnerware & houseware, glasses europe
18. glass, crystal, dinnerware & houseware, glasses italy

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  Coltellerie Maniaghesi Coltellerie Maniaghesi
I-33085  Maniago  Italy    Phone 0427.72203 
  Coltellerie Inoxbonomi snc Coltellerie Inoxbonomi snc
I-25060  Gombio Polaveno  Italy    Phone 030.84067 
  Posaterie Eme di Mori Posaterie Eme di Mori
I-25066  Lumezzane Renzo  Italy    Phone 030.897-0860 
  Becchetti Giacomo spa Becchetti Giacomo spa
I-25067  Lumezzane S.A.  Italy    Phone 030.892-1764 
  Abert spa Abert spa
I-25050  Passirano  Italy    Phone 030.685-3611 
  Fiskars Montana srl Fiskars Montana srl
I-23862  Civate  Italy    Phone 0341.215-111 
  Pascotto v. snc Pascotto v. snc
I-33085  Maniago  Italy    Phone 0427.71431 
  Inoxart srl Inoxart srl
I-33080  Roveredo Piano  Italy    Phone 0434.923141 
  Cutlery Precision Co Ltd Cutlery Precision Co Ltd
  Hong Kong  Hong Kong Sar    Phone +852.2365 2282 
 10  Coltellerie prezioso srl Coltellerie prezioso srl
I-00178  Roma  Italy    Phone 06.4465539 

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