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Digital and traditional printing

Marketing and Advertising & gift importers and distributors

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1. audio, tv, video & accessories, dvd players, car & gps
2. radios, novelty radios, cassette players, walkie talkie
3. calculators, translators, pdas, lcd & led items
4. home appliances, major appliances
5. coffee machines & coffee makers for home & office
6. counterfeit, laser pointers, money detectors
7. musical instruments, music majors
8. wholesalers home appliances, video, audio, phones
9. importers home appliances, video, audio, multimedia
10. novelties with consumer electronic functions, modules

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  Dah Sun Calculator Mfg Co. Dah Sun Calculator Mfg Co.
  Hong Kong  Hong Kong Sar    Phone +852.2342 3257 
  Truly Int'l Holdings Ltd Truly Int'l Holdings Ltd
  Hong Kong  Hong Kong Sar    Phone +852.2487 9803 
  E.D.C. srl E.D.C. srl
I-62020  Loro Piceno  Italy    Phone 0733.509803 
  Leona Electronics Co Ltd Leona Electronics Co Ltd
  Hong Kong  Hong Kong Sar    Phone +852.24555538 
  Gadgets Company Ltd
p.zza Missori 4  I-20122  Milano  Italy    Phone 02.5462114  Fax --  Position Giorgio Rossi 
  Eastern Win Enterprises Ltd Eastern Win Enterprises Ltd
  Hong Kong  Hong Kong Sar    Phone +852.24250848 
  Tak Shun Technology Group Ltd Tak Shun Technology Group Ltd
  Hong Kong  Hong Kong Sar    Phone +852.24198831 

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